What it Is

FindItFast is a free service from Exertus, Inc. that helps professionals get quick, concise and reliable advice from a curated repository of issues, solutions and source material.

The current content supports Project Management professionals (including Agile Scrum Masters and Product Owners) and line and field managers who are assigned project management responsibilities.

How it Works

Often, even experienced project managers encounter situations where a quick refresher on how to deal with a specific issue is a prudent course of action. The FindItFast User Interface is designed around a fast filter and search capability where issues (and their related solutions) can be quickly identified based on Specialty, Tag, Category or Keyword text.

The screen shots that follow trace a PM’s search for how to handle a problem stakeholder, starting with selecting a single tag – “stakeholder”.

The PM’s problem is with a Stakeholder who never delivers on time. So they select the issue “How do you handle a habitually late stakeholder?”.

Each Issue/Solution is presented in a structured format. First, the Issue and it’s potential Impact on the initiative are described:

After verifying this is the Issue they want, the recommended “Summary Action” steps to address the issue (based on a consensus of best practices) –  is a short flick/scroll away:

While the PM in our example has 7 years of experience, in the flurry of daily activity they found that Summary Action step #1 was a good reminder to take the time to consider the late deliverables in relationship to their overall importance to the project.

Since a review of the steps triggered the need for a slightly different approach, the PM then looked at the Relevant Links section for more in-depth coverage of how to handle the situation:

Clicking on the 3rd Relevant Link – tips for transforming stakeholders into partners, the PM found and decided on a proven strategy to address the issue which was immediately put to use.

If the PM had time, they could help improve the quality of the entry. FindItFast includes a section for optional comments and suggestions specific to the issue and resolution:

Simple, informative and fast. The entire session above was handled in seconds.


Compared to generalized searches, FindItFast can get PMs the answers they need in a fraction of the time and without the distraction of search engine bias, off-topic posting or display advertising.  See for yourself how fast you can find answers to issues you are currently (or will be) facing.

To get free access, register by clicking > FindItFast or “Login” above. 

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